News & Events

  • Greaves acquires the distributorship of OTIS in Pakistan.
  • The Pakistani Cherat Cement Factory has put into operation the world-famous mining dump truck by a noted Belarusian firm, Belaz, in partnership with its local distributor Greaves Pakistan. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was organized on March 26th in Lakari village, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Greaves & WIlo participate in the 26th HVACR Exhibition at Karachi.
  • Greaves & Belaz have partnered to take mining in Pakistan to a whole new level, bringing reliability, productivity, and durability.
  • Greaves exhibited at the biggest Construction Machinery Fair, 14th Build Asia 2018. We exhibited our construction machinery, genset, solar solution, material handling equipment, pumps, air compressors, lighting and construction tools.
  • Greaves proudly powered and showcased its Micro Data Center at IDEAS Exhibition 2018.
  • 52nd Annual Convention of the Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists (PSST) presented an excellent opportunity for Greaves and its principals, Peter Brotherhood and Broadbent Thailand, to meet customers and visitors from the local sugar industry.
  • Greaves launched its state-of-the-art Micro Data Center at the e-Banking Exhibition 2018.
  • Greaves is proud to be associated with the prestigious Emaar Giga Project. Greaves supplied construction machinery including Transit Mixers, Wheel Loaders, Placing Boom and Compressors.
  • Greaves Pakistan successfully completed Reshun HPS Project in District Chitral for Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization.
  • Greaves Pakistan acquires distributorship of German Engine Manufacturer, DEUTZ
  • Greaves Pakistan with an overwhelming presence participated in the Textile Asia 2018. The exhibition held from 27th March to 29th March witnessed local as well as foreign visitors.
  • Greaves Pakistan participated in ITIF 2018 from 13th March to 15th March.
  • Greaves exhibited at Build Asia 2017 from 18th to 20th December. We showcased product range of Power Generation, Solar, Material Handling, Earthmoving Machinery, Pump, and Elevators.
  • Kohler SDMO becomes an OEM brand. Recently launched KD Series ranges 800kVA - 4,200KVA comprises of Kohler Diesel engines.
  • Greaves represents "JCB" Earthmoving machinery in Pakistan.
  • Greaves Pakistan Ltd. has acquired distributorship of renowned German manufacturer of Pumps and Pumping Solutions "WILO"

Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks

OTIS elevators in Pakistan

Greaves Pakistan is the authorized distributor of OTIS in Pakistan. OTIS is the world’s largest manufacturer of people-moving products including elevators, escalators and moving walkways, with a presence in more than 200 countries and headquarters in Connecticut, USA. OTIS is associated with some of the iconic projects in the world including Burj Khalifa (UAE), Eiffel Tower (France), Empire State Building (New York), CN Tower (Toronto) and Petronas Towers (Malaysia) and maintains more than 1.7 million elevators and escalators worldwide.

OTIS elevator products

  1. Gen2

  2. HydroFit

  3. SkyRise

  4. SkyBuild

1. Gen2 elevator

OTIS-Greaves-Gen2 Elevators in Pakistan

The revolutionary Gen2 is everything you want in an elevator: Compact, Efficient, Reliable and a Pleasure to ride. The Gen2 elevator is transforming the industry OTIS created more than 160 years ago. Perfect for residential or commercial use, it’s our bestselling elevator ever.

The reason is simple. The Gen2 is simply exceptional. It offers:

The compact Gen2 system provides architects with greater design flexibility and building owners with more rentable space.

Our patented flat-belt technology, pioneering ReGen™ drives and gearless machines make the Gen2 elevator among the most energy-efficient elevators on the planet.
Our systems minimize noise and vibration and render the elevator’s movement barely perceptible, giving passengers what they’re looking for a quiet, comfortable ride.

Built-in ISO-certified factories, with a lifetime of service in mind, every Gen2 elevator offers superior reliability.

2. HydroFit

OTIS knows it’s not just any building it’s your building. We applied the strength of our worldwide engineering resources and created the HydroFitsystem, an innovative hydraulic elevator system that eliminates the need for a machine room and allows all critical components to be contained in the
hoistway. The result is a system that frees up valuable floor space and supports your design vision in a way that only OTIS can. OTIS HydroFit delivers:

  • Design freedom
  • Minimal jobsite coordination
  • Energy efficiency
  • Proven reliability
3. Skyrise

With the SkyRise elevator, OTIS has taken everything it knows and pushed it further, combining cutting-edge science and precision engineering to deliver the solution you need. Wherever your imagination takes you SkyRise will get you there. It delivers:

  • Flexible solutions to realize your vision
  • A refined passenger experience
  • Innovative technologies working together
  • Unique capabilities to streamline construction
  • A dedicated global major projects team
  • Support you can count on through a lifetime of service

Iconic projects by OTIS

OTIS Iconic Projects

4. SkyBuild

SkyBuild is a self-climbing elevator thatcan be used for transporting work crews quickly, comfortably and safely during construction. With the reliable, high-speed SkyBuild elevator, your crews spend less time waiting and more time on the job than with a traditional external hoist. Our unique design enables climbs to be executed quickly during off hours to avoid disrupting your schedule. Climbs can also be performed every time a new floor is added, giving your people access to the highest possible level during construction. And once construction is complete, SkyBuild converts into a SkyRise elevator for permanent use.

SkyBuild benefits:

  • Give each of your workers 30 to 60 more minutes of productive time every day
  • Increase your team’s safety and comfort
  • Ready when you are – 99 percent availability

SODIMAS elevators in Pakistan

As France's foremost elevator lift manufacturer, SODIMAS is the leader in elevator lift sector, thanks to its competence, experience, innovative capability and a network of installer partners along with an extensive domestic and international network, SODIMAS is close at hand wherever you are.

The continuous drive to meet client needs for elevators, escalators and moving walks, explains its active role in the various national and European authorities and enables it to keep in line with standards while staying ahead of changes made to safety standards. 

With its stock, first-rate logistics, and the availability and commitment of its staff, SODIMAS ensures that every project is handled within a shorter timeframe. Creation, research, and innovation spearhead our development and enable our clients in the elevator sector to find the solution best suited to your vertical transportation needs.

In demonstrating in-depth command of its various concepts, deploying the right resources for the best quality and support service, as well as training its installer clients, SODIMAS ensures unvarying safety and guarantees the durability of its equipment throughout the lifecycle of your lifts (and even thereafter).

Service acts as the real cornerstone of our company, we place the client and the user at the very heart of our organization and enables us to offer a solid response to even the most demanding requests.

SODIMAS has been awarded:

ISO 9001 quality certification
Professional certification module H, Annexes IX and XIII of the European directive on lifts

SODIMAS is also a member of:

The French Lift Association
The European Lift Association

SODIMAS calls on a network of installer partners located in France and abroad and is therefore in a position to sell its products in some thirty countries (Russia, Central Europe, Africa, Middle-East, French overseas territories, and departments, etc.)
Thanks to its competence and technical expertise, your installer will fit your lift into your building and ensure all maintenance and standardization operations.
SODIMAS has been a pioneer in several areas such as VVVF inverters, the integration of the machine room into the shaft, the widespread use of permanent magnet motors. One of the greatest advances this decade may serve as the illustration here: the power consumption of SODIMAS products has been halved.


SODIMAS has put in place an approach that focuses in particular on the necessity of making lifts accessible to all, thus making your life that little bit easier. This ideal is shared by all within the company, and it enables us to naturally offer products that are suited to all types of human disability.

The Small SODIMAS lift is the perfect example, having been designed for easy integration into old buildings, without adversely affecting the residents' everyday habits.

Elevators in Pakistan

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