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For the land that has so generously given to the Group's development, we have expressed our gratitude by the reintroduction of indigenous flora and fauna, by encouraging reforestation, by re-establishing herds of the majestic Urial Sheep, the Hog Deer, the Chinkara Gazelle and by repopulating flocks of partridge and peacock, all victims of over hunting.

Each industry within the group actively develops housing and, more importantly, through expansion, generates continuous opportunities for local employment.

We recognize our on-going commitment to the people and localities which support our businesses. The Ghulam Faruque Group has spurred the setup of local infrastructure in collaboration with the Aga Khan University Hospital, Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre, Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust for eye clinics, The Kidney Centre and The Citizen's Foundation for education.

In order to reach the places where we are most needed, as a Group, we need to be out there.